Portuguese operator interested in investing in Brazil

Bolsonaro took to his campaign arguments the issues related to the regulation and legalization of online games in Brazil. Controversial and full of contradictory opinions, this issue has been on the agenda. Bet.pt, a Portuguese operator, has already shown interest in integrating a possible regulated market. The discussion about the changes in the gaming market in Brazil has been quite intense and has permanently occupied the Brazilian media space.

The lack of regulation of the online games market was one of the reasons that allowed operators to start acting, from abroad and in an illicit way, that in no way privileges the national economy, opening space for tax payments not to be properly made.The potential of the online games market to improve the economic condition of Brazil was one of the arguments of the current president. in his campaign and has made this issue a point of discussion since his election.The world is looking to Brazil in face of this issue and one of the brands operating in Portugal - Bet.pt - in the form of its representatives of the operator Bet Entertainment Technologies Limited have already shown their interest in integrating a potential regulated market in Brazil.A meeting between those responsible for this brand and Waldir Marques - the person responsible for the Prizes and Drawings of Pasta - took place at the Ministry of Economy. This meeting aimed at clarifying some doubts and assessing the state of play. Under the public consultation phase, it remains to wait to learn more about the regulation of online games.


Portuguese operator interested in the Brazilian market

The online gambling and betting market was regulated in 2021 and Bet.pt was one of the first sites to which the SRIJ (Serviço de Regulação e Inspeção de Jogos do Turismo de Portugal) - the Portuguese regulatory entity - offered the possibility of exploring the activities. Run by Bet Entertainment Technologies Limited, this is one of the most successful online bookmakers and casinos in Portugal and now demonstrates its interest in expanding into the Brazilian market.

Brazilian games: what's the state of play?

The issue of regulating online gambling and legalising casino games is not new but has recently undergone changes. At the moment, it is expected that the liberalisation of the currently illegal modalities will become possible and that the online market will be regulated, although it is not known specifically how this will manifest itself. Among the advantages of this regulation is expected to be a reduction in the rates of illegal gambling, a positive economic impact and increased security for players.