Governors Contrary to Scholarship Statements

The statements of the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, indicated the end of mass confinement in Brazil. His ideas, however, did not seem to have the support of Brazilian governors. The pandemic that is attacking the world has already caused the closure of several stores, companies, casinos and factories, has jeopardized the functioning of tourism, sport and the arts, and has left many workers teleworking or even without income. The heads of international government know that this is a severe risk for the global economy.

Nevertheless, most of them have decreed measures that support the posture of massive social isolation, agreeing with the WHO (World Health Organization) directives on the need to curb contagion and mitigate the devastating effects that the virus is causing internationally. Bolsonaro's opinion on the virus has generated controversy. Come and find out what the Brazilian president's statements were and what the governors' response was to his words. Bolsonaro's

televised speechIn

the third message from Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to the country, he spoke out against the measures being taken in Brazil, considering that the whole narrative surrounding the Covid-19 issue is being exaggerated by the media.According to the leader, the decision to close schools and commerce, as well as the closure of companies, the ban on transportation and mass confinement are unnecessary, and there is, according to him, a need to return to normality.

Highly criticized for his speech, Bolsonaro took advantage of the television moment to go against not only the WHO norms but those of the government itself, which has asked people to stay at home.

The reactions of the other Brazilian leadersThe

Brazilian Ministry of Health refused to comment on the leader's speech on 24 March. Among the 27 Brazilian governors, at least 25 have already assured that they will maintain the nominations and directives that promote isolation in this period of pandemic, and only the leaders of Rondônia and Roraima have remained silent on this issue.In states such as Pernambuco and Ceará, as well as in the Northeast, the governors even issued communiqués where they indicate that the confinement should be maintained; and the Ministry of Health, without ever mentioning the words of Bolsonaro, also indicates in its networks that remote work is now desirable and that educational institutions should anticipate their vacations. It is worth remembering that Brazil currently has 57 dead and 2,433 infected by Coronavirus, with Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo being the cities most affected. Internationally, the countries with the most casualties are Italy, Spain and China.

Around the globe there are already more than 20,000 deaths due to this pandemic.