How to create a website that hits?

78 he buyers do research online before ordering. If you are not on the web, do you really think they will trust you? Nowadays, being on the internet is no longer an option... From the small business to the multinational, any company worthy of the name must have a website. Many CMS allow you to create your own website in a few clicks, without any programming knowledge.

The technical aspect is no longer an obstacle, you can concentrate on the visual aspect.

Use templates adapted to mobile devices2

out of 3 internet users connect through their smartphones. To ignore this statistic is like shooting you in the foot... It becomes very rare to find website templates that are not responsive design. Nevertheless, before you publish your website, make sure it works as well on a phone, tablet or computer.

Adopt the trend of minimalismIt is

not only in homes that a big sweep is necessary.

On the internet too, Marie Kodo's advice is a great help. If it's not useful, don't put it on. Driven by adrenaline, you will be tempted to add GIFs, to play with colors or to put animations after animations. Don't.

Use no more than 3 colors and respect the visual codes of your area. In computing, blue is a safe bet. In naturopathy, green is a reminder of all the virtues of Mother Nature. Take inspiration from your competitors' sites and, above all, stay sober.

Choosing the right illustrative imagesAn

image will always be worth more than 1,000 words.

The 21st century is the era of pixels and beauty. Just look at the success of YouTube, Instagram or Snapchat and you don't have to become a professional photographer. You don't have to become a professional photographer, just visit one and choose from the thousands of photos available, using a photo library is the easiest way to get professional results without breaking the bank.

Select the words carefullyA

beautiful picture will catch the attention of the internet users but only a well written text will convince them to have faith in you.Have you ever been targeted by a scammer? Probably. If you've ever received an email from a Nigerian billionaire looking for an heir, you're in familiar territory.

What's the first thing that caught your attention and planted doubt in your mind? ... Surely, it was the multiple spelling mistakes. Very quickly, you thought that he could have invested some of his fortune in a correcting software... The same thing happens with your website.

A text that gives the impression of having been written by a third grader does not inspire confidence. On the contrary, it will create a gap between you and your potential buyers. Before publishing, reread your text at least twice.