Organic products: the benefits and which to use

One of the trends of the moment is to buy organic products but, for many people, higher prices generate issues. Is it better to use organic products? Come and see the advantages of organic products and which ones to use. Over the last two decades, organic and natural products have seen a marked increase in international demand. Following the fit trend: where health, well-being and appearance are in the foreground, these products would also become more commercialised.Promoting this demand for organic products was also the growing distrust of societies towards new industrial and commercial logics; as well as the awareness of the ways in which such production can be ecologically unproductive and cruel to animals.With the increase in the number of people promoting sustainable thinking; and the also significant increase in the number of people calling themselves environmentalists, vegetarians and vegans, the organic and organic market has, in fact, gained some prominence.

But, after all, what do we talk about when we talk about organic products? Are these really healthier? And what organic products can you find? Come and find out.

1.What are organic products?

Organic products are all those produced from raw materials obtained from production processes that do not include synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms. Among these are various fresh products, processed products, industrialised products and also products for personal care and hygiene.

2.Are organic products healthier?

Yes, the absence of chemicals in the production of the raw material of these items makes them healthier. In the case of food products and supplements you will even enjoy a higher concentration of oxidants and products that contribute more strongly to the strengthening of the immune system. Besides promoting better health and being more nutritious, these organic products are more sustainable and promote the improvement of the environment, as they dispense with the chemicals usually used in the production of raw materials. products that need to be testedVarious

sectors work with organic products, and there is a wide variety of articles on the market that are accompanied by this label.

In the world of supplements and teas, for example, you will find several of organic origin. Here, you will find a wide variety of infusions and also the , which can be used for numerous purposes, including the relief of muscular pains and the fight against anxiety. Many foods that you will find in the supermarket also have the stamp of organic production. Besides all the benefits of a more natural production, without the use of pesticides, you will also have the advantage of choosing with these food products with a more intense and better taste.

The world of cosmetics and hygiene products has also joined this trend and today there are several products on the market with a completely natural and organic origin. These include face creams, body creams, hand creams and also shower products and shampoos.